MicroMade’s offer

  • Access Control and Time & Attendance Control
    Our flexible solution allow installing an access control and/or time & attendance control system in any company, office or workplace! A complete documentation and reasonable prices make this solution easy to install and use. The software is in Polish so far, but we supply DLL libraries for software engineers. Our software will soon be translated into English and German.
    The system can cooperate with readers from other manufacturers as well, such as HID, Idesco, etc.
  • Electronic educational sets
    Our DSM-51 Microprocessor Educational System is a fantastic educational set for learning the art of programming the 8051 microcontroller. It has been approved by the Polish Ministry of National Education as well as many technical high schools and universities.
    At the moment we are working on a new range of electronic educational sets.
  • Data encryption and software protection tools for software engineers
    Protect your software from illegal copying or encrypt confidential data sent by programs with the help of our HAK2key. It is a hardware key similar to HASP hardware keys allowing 3DES encryption. The key uses a USB port for communication with computers.
  • RFID identification
    We manufacture proximity readers for independent use (outside the bibinet system). We also sell key-fobs and proximity cards. We offer plastic card printing.
  • Plastic card printing
    We offer black and color thermal prints on ISO plastic cards. We can transform a plain white card into a personal identificator with the employees photo or a VIP card with the company’s logo.